Growing up in central Michigan my father, Harold Fawcett,  worked on the family farm until he
joined the US Navy in 1940.  After serving with the Pacific Fleet throughout World War II he was
honorably discharged in 1945 and returned to the family farm and soon started his own family.  
Like many people of his generation he wanted to provide a better life for his family and took on a
second job delivering vehicles for GM throughout Michigan.

In the sixties Dad sold his farm to develop campers for the RV
market under the brand name WagonMaster.  The company thrived
for a number of years shipping units throughout the Midwest and to
the East Coast.  As the seventies arrived he became increasingly
interested  in camper tops for pick-up trucks better known as truck
caps.  It was at this time that Dad decided to focus on this new
business and moved our family to Lancaster, PA where he started
Jeraco Enterprises.

With the same dedication to hard work that he had demonstrated
his whole life Jeraco quickly prospered until our production needs
outgrew our factory.  In 1974 the need for a larger facility led to the
relocation of the entire company to our present location outside of
Milton, PA.  Things went well for a number of years but the economic
downturn during the late seventies took a major toll on the truck cap
industry.  A number of established manufacturers were forced to
shut down their operations but again my dad had the foresight to
look at a new way of making truck caps that was then just emerging,
the fiberglass truck cap.
These new truck caps proved to be superior over previous models of truck caps, with their
light weight, strength, aerodynamic styling and custom designed molds for particular models of
trucks.  I joined the company on a full time basis at this time just as we enjoyed great success
with our truck cap for the Subaru Brat pick-up.  Due to their custom fit and excellent quality our
products were approved to be installed directly on Brats directly at the ports before the vehicles
were distributed to Subaru dealerships across the nation.

I took over control of daily operations in
1986 when dad retired and two years after
he passed away in 1991 I purchased the
company and Jeraco has continued to
enjoy success.  Many new trucks have
been introduced since our humble
beginnings and we continually strive to
update our models to meet demand.  We
currently sell to private dealers and to the
general public at our factory store in Milton,PA.
I believe the solid work ethic and dedication to quality handed down from my father are the
hallmarks of Jeraco’s continued prosperity.  I would like to dedicate our success to my father, our
customers that purchase our products and my two sons, Chris and Kyle whom have also joined
the company.

I would like to personally thank you for your interest into our company and for visiting our
website.  I am sure that you will find that we make a superior product that you will be pleased to
have on your truck.