Interior Options

Carpeted Headliner - This popular interior option enhances
the appearance of your truck cap interior. Available colors
include grey, blue and red.  Jeraco's headliner fabric is made
from solution dyed polyester/polypropylene fibers which provide
consistent coloring and high UV resistance.  This fabric stands
up incredibly well to weathering and heavy use, it is highly
resistant to gas, oil and salt, resists mold and mildew and stains
and is easily cleaned by vacuum.

Plastic Clothes Rack - A popular option is to add a 24" long
plastic clothes rack that allows you to hang your clothes from the
roof of your, keeping them free from dirt on your truck bed.  This
rack, which is nearly twice the size of the industry standard, folds
up into its base when not in use.

Metal Clothes Rod - Another option to keep your clothes free
of the dirt and grime of your truck bed.  These metal clothes
rods are cut to size before being installed at the factory and are
able to hold more weight then their plastic counterparts.

Battery Dome Light - This option replaces the standard 12 volt
dome light with a battery operated alternative.

Additional Dome Light - Add an additional 12 volt or battery
dome light to increase the amount of available light in the
interior of your truck cap.

Long Blocks - Two long roof inserts running the length of the
roof are added on each side of your cap
Metal Clothes Rod
Plastic Clothes Rack
Carpeted Headliner